Before exercise, enter the site characteristics here:

Utilized 4 odor boxes and a pile of card board to conduct initial handler introduction to odor detection. 

RDX ScentLogix package was placed in one box and then moved systematically around to encourage the K9 to inspect each "Productive Area (odor box)" placed along the left side of the concrete hall wall (aprox: 8 ft seperation)


MOG and K9 PELE were the demo dog team.

After exercise, enter the results here:

K9 Pele and MOG performed one session consisting of 4 reps working odor recognition and final response.


Odor boxes placed aporx 8 feet apart from one another, 3 of which were blank and one was hot with Scentlogix RDX.

To encourage a systematic search pattern, the training aid located in one of the boxes was placed in the "1" postion.

Pele located and alerted perfectly.

The box containing the odor was the moved to the "3" position.

Pele investigated box 1, 2 as well as the cardboard pile with no COB observed and then located box "3", recognized unassisted and finaled.

Boxes were moved around accordingly per each reps and with the same positive K9 alert and outcome.

Additionally, Pele was introduced into a beginning routein of obedience consisting of "heel, sit, collar switch and commanded "Su-Key!"