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May 21, 2019 

How the Security Industry can help.

Recently, we sat down with Jonathan Alvarez, the Las Vegas-based co-founder and CEO of Protective Force International (PFI), to discuss crime rates and what the security industry can do to help foster....

May 10, 2019 

Why Awareness is critical to keep yourself safe.

The word “awareness” in the realm of women’s self-defense and crime prevention encompasses everything we have learned about this topic throughout our life experiences, to include the awareness of ourselves.....

 April 30, 2019 

The U.S. Government codifies the definition of terrorism in USC Title 18. Section 802 of the Patriot Act allows provisions to classify certain criminal acts as "domestic terrorism." Although the criteria for a criminal act to be considered terrorism does not change, acts of terrorism on American soil have a very severe impact....