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The Other First Responders: Private Security Partners with Community to Protect the City

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


The Las Vegas Strip is empty. Normally teeming with tourists from across the world, all taking in the sights and sounds of this one-of-a-kind city, now the hotels and casinos, the games and shows are shuttered. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Sisolak of Nevada issued a mandatory shutdown of nonessential businesses starting March 20, 2020. With no visitors and far fewer workers in the streets, Sin City went quiet. Well, mostly quiet.

Out there keeping people and property safe throughout the community are the Security Officers of Protective Force International (PFI). Not typically thought of among essential workers or first responders, private security forces are very much on the front lines, especially in times of crisis. There are twice the number of security forces on the streets as there are police officers. PFI works closely with police, fire, and paramedics, often being the ones to call for emergency services at the time of crisis or being first on the scene by virtue of the nature of their service, maintaining a constant presence where they are needed.

Protective Force International has seen an increased need for its services in the wake of this public health crisis. With businesses shutting their doors and people feeling desperation as a result of resource shortages, PFI has stepped up to provide comprehensive security services to organizations across the Las Vegas Valley. 

“We’re seeing an uptick in calls everywhere, and businesses are calling us every day because they need more help. A vacant shop can be seen as an easy target by some,” said Jonathan Alvarez, CEO and Co-founder of Protective Force International. “We are here to answer that call and ensure that our community remains safe.”

Everywhere PFI is deployed, they have seen a 30-40% reduction in crime within 60 days. Their officers do this through a constant professional presence that includes responding to any situation and consistently building community. Officers can be seen patrolling, monitoring suspicious activity, preventing vandalism, and even handing out water. They are ready to do whatever it takes to serve our most vulnerable communities at non-profit organizations and underserved neighborhoods. Their transparent reporting system using Silvertrac software documents every interaction and gives real-time updates to help ease people’s concerns throughout the community.

Protective Force International is structured to scale up in times like these. With a clear command structure based on police force and military reporting, PFI was built to help the community in times of crisis. They offer armed officers, mobile units, and K9 services to meet the needs of the city. Security Officers may not get the recognition of other professions, but “The Other First Responders” are frequently the first ones on the scene. PFI’s level of training, professionalism, and community activism are just a few of the things that make them the gold standard in security.

Protective Force International is proud to be veteran owned and operated. For more information, go to


About Protective Force International

Protective Force International is a full-service security company headquartered in Las Vegas. PFI serves people, companies, and government agencies with professionalism and pride. PFI’s Security Officers are the best in the industry and committed to building security by building community. We are here. Protective Force International is veteran owned and operated. To learn more about PFI, go to

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